Centre for Distance Education

Centre for Distance Education

This first core course in Athabasca University's Master of Distance Education program is required for all program students. It provides students with an overview of the field, addressing issues such as: what distance education is; where it came from; whom it serves; how it serves; and what its major problems are. It provides descriptions and examples of what distance education is and how it works, and encourages students to critically analyze and question both current practice and rhetoric in the field.

MDDE 602 is a core course in the Master of Distance Education degree program on the subject of research design and data collection methods.

MDDE 612 explores various facets of experiential learning. This course operates at the personal level in attempting to develop some insights into thinking about the kinds of world-views that we have developed.

MDDE 617 will introduce the field of program evaluation, which spans a number of social science disciplines including education and training, nursing and medical education, social work, military training, and business.

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